Mobile Friendly Website

Yesterday I finally got the new website uploaded that I’ve been working on. is now a responsive website which makes it mobile friendly too. It’s been a very timely update to my website as I just read yesterday afternoon about Google changing their search algorithms to penalise websites that aren’t mobile friendly in google searches. I wasn’t aware of the google changes, so that was very lucky timing on my part.

I haven’t been able to transfer in previous customers and orders information, as due to the major database changes that I mentioned in my last post, it’s too complicated for me to try and input that information. Customers and order information is contained in a number of database tables that are interlinked, so it’s beyond my database knowledge to input that data correctly in the new database format, so that it would all work correctly.

Major Website Update

Tutorials On Etsy Update

I first wanted to quickly mention an update about my tutorials on Etsy. In my previous post I mentioned that I was having to limit my tutorials that I was selling on Etsy to being emailed out, and I was limiting them to certain countries due to the EU VAT law on digital products. I’ve now been able to change my tutorials back to digital products on Etsy so that they can be sold to any country as a downloadable product. Etsy have stated in this blog post:

Until we make the site update necessary to collect VAT from those buyers, Etsy will pay the VAT on digital items sold to buyers in the EU and delivered by automatic download. After the VAT collection process is in place on the site, we will begin collecting VAT from buyers during checkout and remitting it to the appropriate tax authorities.

This has allowed me to change things back to how I had previously been selling my tutorials on Etsy.

Website Update

I’m currently in the process of doing a major update to my website There’s a new major update to the shopping cart I use for my site, which is great as the newer cart is a responsive website. This means it’s specifically coded to change it’s look depending on whether you are viewing via a computer, notebook, phone etc. Therefore, it should give a much better experience for all users, rather than being best viewed via a computer. However, there is one major downside in that it isn’t easily updatable from previous versions of the shopping cart. There is no quick update script that can be run, like there has been with previous versions as the two versions of this shopping cart are just too different. For those that are a bit technically minded, it uses a database that’s formatted differently from previously which makes it difficult to update and transfer information from the old database to the new one. Therefore, I’m having to effectively rebuild everything that I’ve placed in the database for my current website, in order to put it in to the new version. I’m a fair way through adding in my products, but I’ve still got a way to go yet. Plus, at the moment I don’t know whether I will be able to transfer previous customer and order information in to the new database yet, depending upon how the information is formatted in each database. So it will be a while before the new website is ready to go live.

One Year On…

Today Purple Wyvern Jewels is officially 1 year old!

I’ve learnt a lot over the past year, and I’m sure this coming year will teach me a lot of new things too. Purple Wyvern Jewels has changed and grown over the past year, I started out with only making sterling silver and gemstone jewellery, but have added and expanded on that to now include a wider variety of items as I kept on trying out new items and new ideas. Initially, I also was only selling on Etsy, but over the past year have created my own website and tried out Folksy for a few months. (Although I’ve recently not renewed any items on Folksy as I just wasn’t getting the views). Plus having my items on the high street in my local Community Pop Up Shop.

I’m excited to see what this coming year brings, and how my business changes and grows over this next year.

Update & Treasury Features

As promised in my last post, I managed to take a couple of pictures today of the Community Pop Up Shop that is currently featuring some of my creations.

Community Pop Up Shop

Plus, my items in store:

Community Pop Up Shop

Treasury Features

My Pink Magnetic Hematite Silver Plated Bracelet plus my Purple Flower Crystal Silver Plated Pendant and my Jasper Sterling Silver Necklace were featured in the following lovely treasuries this past week.

‘Pink Summer’ by Nuray and Cem Aytaç from Myworlds
Pink Summer
‘Have A Wonderful Week’ by ArzuMusa from ArzuMusa
Have A Wonderful Week
‘Monochromatic Monday’ by Jenn Patterson from theeclecticpackrat
Monochromatic Monday

Monday Update – It’s Summer Time!

It’s now officially summer, not only by the weather (supposed to hit 27C here this week), but it’s the school summer holidays too. So my little boy is taking a break from preschool, and I won’t have so much time to keep this blog updated, or at least keep updated as much as I’d like to over the next six weeks.

I’m currently working on creating my own website with shopping cart. I’m not sure how long it will be before it’s all officially up and running. I think that depends upon how many modifications I want to do to the look of the shopping cart. Decisions, decisions…. I’ve decided to use a free shopping cart called OpenCart. The documentation for using the shopping cart is reasonable, but is lacking when you want to alter the look of the shopping cart. Although if you search around their forums you can quite often find what you need.

I had originally planned on just having a website that was about keeping people updated about Purple Wyvern Jewels etc, and using my Etsy shop as my online selling location. However, there are changes happening at Etsy that means that might be detrimental to my business, so having my own website with a shopping cart will be beneficial. Etsy have currently changed the wedding category, which now showcases only a small amount of wedding items that are available on Etsy. As a consequence, I’ve seen numerous forum threads on Etsy of wedding sellers, stating how the change that has been made to that category has negatively impacted their business. It now looks like Etsy is planning on changing other categories to a similar format as the wedding one (including the jewellery category).

Sneak Peek & Several New Items In My Store

Green Agate, Fire Agate

Green Agate & Fire Agate Gemstones

I recently brought these green agate and fire agate tear drop shaped gemstones from another Etsy shop. I can’t make up my mind which of the two stones I like best. I love the green colour of the green agate gemstones, but I really like the pattern effect of the fire agate gemstones. They will be turned in to pendants due to the size and shape of the stones.

I also ordered some more gemstones on Friday. So there will likely be another sneak peek later on next week too, once I’ve received that package.

Also, I have been working behind the scenes, I’m in the middle of improving SEO for my listings, to hopefully improve people finding my items in searches on Etsy. Plus, I have been designing my own website for Purple Wyvern Jewels. It will be a while yet before the website is up and running, but watch this space for future announcements…

New Items In My Store

I’ve recently created several new jewellery items and have been busily photographing and listing them in my Etsy shop this weekend. I definitely feel that there is a Spring/Summer vibe going on with the Amazonite and golden Jade jewellery. So without further ado, here are my latest items:

Snowflake Obsidian Necklace, Quartz Necklace in Sterling Silver

Snowflake Obsidian Necklace, Quartz Necklace in Sterling Silver

Golden Jade Earrings in Sterling Silver with Yellow Swarovski Crystal

Golden Jade Earrings in Sterling Silver with Yellow Swarovski Crystal

Golden Jade Necklace in Sterling Silver with Yellow Swarovski Crystal

Golden Jade Necklace in Sterling Silver with Yellow Swarovski Crystal

Amazonite Earrings, Rose Quartz Earrings in Sterling Silver

Amazonite Earrings, Rose Quartz Earrings in Sterling Silver

Amazonite Necklace, Rose Quartz Necklace in Sterling Silver

Amazonite Necklace, Rose Quartz Necklace in Sterling Silver