Monday Update – It’s Summer Time!

It’s now officially summer, not only by the weather (supposed to hit 27C here this week), but it’s the school summer holidays too. So my little boy is taking a break from preschool, and I won’t have so much time to keep this blog updated, or at least keep updated as much as I’d like to over the next six weeks.

I’m currently working on creating my own website with shopping cart. I’m not sure how long it will be before it’s all officially up and running. I think that depends upon how many modifications I want to do to the look of the shopping cart. Decisions, decisions…. I’ve decided to use a free shopping cart called OpenCart. The documentation for using the shopping cart is reasonable, but is lacking when you want to alter the look of the shopping cart. Although if you search around their forums you can quite often find what you need.

I had originally planned on just having a website that was about keeping people updated about Purple Wyvern Jewels etc, and using my Etsy shop as my online selling location. However, there are changes happening at Etsy that means that might be detrimental to my business, so having my own website with a shopping cart will be beneficial. Etsy have currently changed the wedding category, which now showcases only a small amount of wedding items that are available on Etsy. As a consequence, I’ve seen numerous forum threads on Etsy of wedding sellers, stating how the change that has been made to that category has negatively impacted their business. It now looks like Etsy is planning on changing other categories to a similar format as the wedding one (including the jewellery category).