Product Photography – Lightcase

I recently brought myself a new “toy” to see whether I could improve my product photos. I came across a product called the Lightcase that was raising money via Kickstarter to help launch their product idea.

The Lightcase comes flat packed, which you then unfold and clip together, and then can unclip and fold back down when you’ve finished using it. So it’s really great if you don’t have space to have something permanently set up for taking product photographs.


It also comes with three different backdrops that can be inserted in to the Lightcase – black, white and transparent. It also has a hole on the top, so if you use a smartphone camera you can take overhead shots of your products.

I thought it would be interesting to show some comparison shots of what photos I was able to do before, and the type of photo I can take with the Lightcase. (The photos have been taken with the same camera, using the same product etc, and also have been edited in the same way for light levels and cropped using the editing program Gimp.)

On the left is the previous photo, and on the right is the Lightcase photo:


As you can see, whilst the background which is white, is still a similar grey colour, the actual product is less shadowed and comes up a brighter silver colour.

I found that using the transparent background and placing the Lightcase on top of wood, it gave a nice background effect in my pictures.


I like the improvements the Lightcase has allowed me to make in my product photos, it really helps the metal in my products shine and pop out more, from the type of pictures I was able to do previously. The one downside I’ve found is that when the Lightcase has been put up and down a few times, it does tend to twist slightly. This hasn’t hampered me taking photographs, but it might if you tend to want to take lots of top down photos using the hole on top with a smartphone camera, as the smartphone might have issues sitting nicely on top (as the twisting that has occured on my Lightcase is near the top on the sides). However, overall I think it’s a great product and one I will be continuing to use to take product photographs with.