Upgrading My Packaging

I’ve been thinking for a while about ideas of how to improve how I package up my orders. Since the start I’ve used some black jewellery gift bags, tissue paper and bubble wrap to protect my orders, and with silver jewellery I’ve also put the items in a self seal plastic bag to help reduce air getting to the metal so it won’t tarnish.

Whilst I think gift boxes are lovely for packaging jewellery items, they are typically too bulky and therefore add cost to not only packaging but postage costs too. So I was wanting more of a gift box presentation but without the box.

I came across the idea of using card that can have holes and slits put into it to hold jewellery items like necklaces. I also got a stamp made up so that I can personalise the cards with my shop name. It gives more of the presentation feel that I was after but still allows my packages to be small and light.

I had originally been looking at buying some pre-made jewellery cards, but wasn’t able to find a UK supplier that made what I was after, hence I ended up making my own. Then it occurred to me, that if I had been looking for pre-made jewellery cards being sold in the UK, then there might be other people wanting to buy something similar. Which has led me to adding a range of earring and necklace jewellery display cards to my shop.