One Year On…

Today Purple Wyvern Jewels is officially 1 year old!

I’ve learnt a lot over the past year, and I’m sure this coming year will teach me a lot of new things too. Purple Wyvern Jewels has changed and grown over the past year, I started out with only making sterling silver and gemstone jewellery, but have added and expanded on that to now include a wider variety of items as I kept on trying out new items and new ideas. Initially, I also was only selling on Etsy, but over the past year have created my own website and tried out Folksy for a few months. (Although I’ve recently not renewed any items on Folksy as I just wasn’t getting the views). Plus having my items on the high street in my local Community Pop Up Shop.

I’m excited to see what this coming year brings, and how my business changes and grows over this next year.