Monday Update

It’s been a while since I did an update, so I’ve got a number of new things to share, including events, shop locations, and new items.

Christmas Event

In a month’s time, I’m attending a Winter Fayre Event, which I’m hoping will be a fun one to do as it is the first Christmas event I’ve done. I had hoped to attend a few more events. However, there is a bit of competition with spaces for jewellery stalls at events, as a number of them restrict the amount of similar stalls at an event, and unfortunately I haven’t been lucky enough to obtain a stall at those events.

Community Pop Up Shop

The local Community Pop Up Shop moved location at the beginning of this month. They’re still based at the High Chelmer Shopping Centre but in a slightly different location, just round the corner. The volunteers did a fantastic job of moving everything in to the new shop, and managed to complete the move in a couple of hours. Items are now arranged over two floors, with the top floor predominately showcasing local painters and downstairs predominately showcasing local crafters.

Community Pop Up Shop Outside

Community Pop Up Shop Downstairs

My items are situated on a table by the window that’s covered in the red tablecloth. Since they moved in to their new location, I’ve added a larger range of items for sale in their shop.

New Items

First up, out of my new creations, is a silver plated necklace I created with beads received in my surprise package, and is currently for sale in the Community Pop Up Shop.

Green Glass with Gold Patterns Silver Plated Necklace

Green Glass Silver Plated Necklace

I’ve added two new macramé bracelets, and there will be more on the way in the future, as I keep on having ideas for other styles I would like to create.

Two Colour Macrame Fishbone Knot Friendship Bracelet - Custom Colour

Two Colour Macrame Fishbone Knot Friendship Bracelet – Custom Colour

Personalised Name Macrame Bracelet with Beaded Flowers - Custom Colour

Personalised Name Macrame Bracelet with Beaded Flowers – Custom Colour

The fishbone knot bracelet is created using square knots, but due to the order of how the threads are tied, creates a different look compared to a standard square knot bracelet.

Lastly, I’ve extended my range of hair accessories to include hair barettes, which are currently for sale in the Community Pop Up Shop.

Trefoil Gold & Silver Flowers Barette

Trefoil Gold & Silver Flowers Barette

Trefoil Red & Silver Flowers Barette

Trefoil Red & Silver Flowers Barette

Isle of Wyrms ~ Gryphons Jewels Festival

Purple Wyvern Jewels visits Second Life!

Second Life: Isle of Wyrms Gryphon Jewels Festival Exhibit

I’m currently exhibiting at the Isle of Wyrms “Gryphon Jewels Festival” that is running this week (ends on Sunday). The festival is being held in support of the St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital charity. So if you are in-world, why not pop along and visit my booth at Plus, don’t forget to pick up a 5% off coupon code from my stall, that can be used up till the end of Sunday both in my shop on my website and also in my Etsy shop.

Second Life: Isle of Wyrms Gryphon Jewels Festival Auction
Personalised Beaded Flower Bookmark

The Isle of Wyrms is also running a charity auction, where you can bid on one of my personalised bookmarks.

Macramé Bookmarks

To date the majority of the items I’ve made (with the exception of elastic bracelets) has been very much metal based. So I decided to learn something new and work in a different medium to create a completely different style of item than I have done previously. Macramé is the art of knotting material (a variety of different materials can be used to do this including, thread, ribbon, wool, leather etc) and has been around for centuries.

The first item I decided to create was a bookmark, as featured in the book The New Macramé by Katie DuMont, although I chose to go with a different colour scheme. The knots utilised in the design of the bookmark are the diagonal double half hitch and to finish off the ends the square knot. Unfortunately, for a complete beginner there is a lack of photos along with the written instructions, as there is only one picture of the finished item, which shows in the photo the opposite side of the one you see whilst creating it. For some reason, the pictures of the knots at the front of the book only show the diagonal double half hitch when going from left to right, and not how you should do it when working in the other direction from right to left, which I initially had trouble with.

Thankfully, the internet exists and I was able to figure out how to create the bookmark when I found the instructions (particularly pictures) lacking in aiding me to create the item. Demure Designs had lovely colourful instructions of the diagonal double half hitch showing how you create it in both directions. Which given that this knot is the main one creating the bookmark was extremely helpful to me.

I used a small cork notice board to help with pinning my project too. I also found that it helped to have a number of pins at the start to align the diagonal double half hitch knots (as the bookmark is created from the centre outwards). Plus, I had pins at the bottom of the cork board (shown in the right picture below) to help separate the embroidery threads used, as it made it easier for me to see which threads I needed to use next. The only pinning that was stated in the instructions was for holding the overhand knots used in the centre to hold the threads down to the working board (the large blue and red pins at the top of the left picture).

Macramé Bookmark - Pinning At Start
Macramé Bookmark - Pinning At Bottom

I also found Olga’s Macramé Hobby Site, which has a really useful picture of the Clear Edge Method which is utilised in creating the neat V shape at the ends (shown in the left picture just before using the clear edge method), before the bookmark is finished off with square knots (shown in the right picture).

Macramé Bookmark - Clear Edge Method
Macramé Bookmark - Square Knot

The picture on the right also shows that the threads used to create the square knots are threaded back up the centre of the square knots. So to finish off, those threads are cut, and a small amount of glue is added to give a secure finish. Plus the ends of the bookmark are trimmed to create an even tassel look.

Macramé Bookmark - Finishing Touches

The finished item – the left picture is the working side, and the right picture is the underneath side that you don’t see whilst creating the bookmark.

Macramé Bookmark - Completed Underneath Side
Macramé Bookmark - Completed Working Side

The completed bookmark (as per the instructions) I feel gives a slightly too thick bookmark for my personal taste. So I created a second one, but without doubling up the thread as in the first one I made. I however, did add on two extra cords to help widen the bookmark up, as not doubling up the threads would have made the macrame bookmark not as wide. The thicker bookmark is for sale in my local Community Pop Up Shop and the thinner bookmark is now available for purchase in my online shop.

Macramé Bookmark - Thin

My Own Dedicated Shop & Celebration Sale

I’ve been a tad slow updating this blog. Oops. Anyway on to my big news, Purple Wyvern Jewels now has its own dedicated shopping site ~! I’m offering free shipping on all orders over £30, plus I also offer guest checkout so there’s no need to register an account to purchase.

Whilst is only for buyers within the UK, I do accept UK and international purchases through my Etsy store at For any overseas customers, if you see an item on you wish to purchase, that isn’t listed in my Etsy store, then please get in contact, so that I can list the item in my Etsy store for you.

Celebration Sale

I’m in celebration mood this week. Not only have I managed to get my own site up and running, but it’s also my birthday later this week. So to celebrate I’m doing a 25% off sale all week. Yes, that’s right 25% off everything, both in my Etsy shop and in my new dedicated shop. I’ve altered the prices, so all you have to do is purchase, no need to remember to put in a coupon code etc. The sale ends on Monday 27th August, so grab a bargain whilst you can.

Update & Treasury Features

As promised in my last post, I managed to take a couple of pictures today of the Community Pop Up Shop that is currently featuring some of my creations.

Community Pop Up Shop

Plus, my items in store:

Community Pop Up Shop

Treasury Features

My Pink Magnetic Hematite Silver Plated Bracelet plus my Purple Flower Crystal Silver Plated Pendant and my Jasper Sterling Silver Necklace were featured in the following lovely treasuries this past week.

‘Pink Summer’ by Nuray and Cem Aytaç from Myworlds
Pink Summer
‘Have A Wonderful Week’ by ArzuMusa from ArzuMusa
Have A Wonderful Week
‘Monochromatic Monday’ by Jenn Patterson from theeclecticpackrat
Monochromatic Monday

Purple Wyvern Jewels On The High Street!

As of last Saturday, Purple Wyvern Jewels can be found on the high street. A selection of my jewellery and bookmark items can be found in the Community Pop Up Shop located in the High Chelmer Shopping Centre in Chelmsford, UK.

The Community Pop Up Shop, makes use of an empty retail shop whilst raising money for charity and giving local artists and crafts people an opportunity to show off their items to a wider audience. The Community Pop Up Shop was originally open back in March, and had expected to be only open for two weeks due to lease reasons, but ended up running for eight weeks, before having to close. It’s now back again in a slightly different location within the High Chelmer Shopping Centre and this time I’ve taken the opportunity to showcase some of my creations there. (I don’t have any photos of the shop to share, as I forgot to take my camera with me, so will hopefully add a picture or two when I next pop by the shop.)

Included amongst my jewellery items, are some children’s bracelets that aren’t currently available elsewhere. My little boy, has been asking for some time now for me to make some jewellery for him, which I finally got around to a little while ago. The elastic bracelet I made for him, is made from plastic beads in white, with teal and a splash of orange and yellow being in sparkly glittery colours. Here’s my little boy even being a willing model for me:

Elastic Triple Strand Bracelet
Elastic Triple Strand Bracelet

Monday Update – It’s Summer Time!

It’s now officially summer, not only by the weather (supposed to hit 27C here this week), but it’s the school summer holidays too. So my little boy is taking a break from preschool, and I won’t have so much time to keep this blog updated, or at least keep updated as much as I’d like to over the next six weeks.

I’m currently working on creating my own website with shopping cart. I’m not sure how long it will be before it’s all officially up and running. I think that depends upon how many modifications I want to do to the look of the shopping cart. Decisions, decisions…. I’ve decided to use a free shopping cart called OpenCart. The documentation for using the shopping cart is reasonable, but is lacking when you want to alter the look of the shopping cart. Although if you search around their forums you can quite often find what you need.

I had originally planned on just having a website that was about keeping people updated about Purple Wyvern Jewels etc, and using my Etsy shop as my online selling location. However, there are changes happening at Etsy that means that might be detrimental to my business, so having my own website with a shopping cart will be beneficial. Etsy have currently changed the wedding category, which now showcases only a small amount of wedding items that are available on Etsy. As a consequence, I’ve seen numerous forum threads on Etsy of wedding sellers, stating how the change that has been made to that category has negatively impacted their business. It now looks like Etsy is planning on changing other categories to a similar format as the wedding one (including the jewellery category).