Major Website Update

Tutorials On Etsy Update

I first wanted to quickly mention an update about my tutorials on Etsy. In my previous post I mentioned that I was having to limit my tutorials that I was selling on Etsy to being emailed out, and I was limiting them to certain countries due to the EU VAT law on digital products. I’ve now been able to change my tutorials back to digital products on Etsy so that they can be sold to any country as a downloadable product. Etsy have stated in this blog post:

Until we make the site update necessary to collect VAT from those buyers, Etsy will pay the VAT on digital items sold to buyers in the EU and delivered by automatic download. After the VAT collection process is in place on the site, we will begin collecting VAT from buyers during checkout and remitting it to the appropriate tax authorities.

This has allowed me to change things back to how I had previously been selling my tutorials on Etsy.

Website Update

I’m currently in the process of doing a major update to my website There’s a new major update to the shopping cart I use for my site, which is great as the newer cart is a responsive website. This means it’s specifically coded to change it’s look depending on whether you are viewing via a computer, notebook, phone etc. Therefore, it should give a much better experience for all users, rather than being best viewed via a computer. However, there is one major downside in that it isn’t easily updatable from previous versions of the shopping cart. There is no quick update script that can be run, like there has been with previous versions as the two versions of this shopping cart are just too different. For those that are a bit technically minded, it uses a database that’s formatted differently from previously which makes it difficult to update and transfer information from the old database to the new one. Therefore, I’m having to effectively rebuild everything that I’ve placed in the database for my current website, in order to put it in to the new version. I’m a fair way through adding in my products, but I’ve still got a way to go yet. Plus, at the moment I don’t know whether I will be able to transfer previous customer and order information in to the new database yet, depending upon how the information is formatted in each database. So it will be a while before the new website is ready to go live.

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