Craftsy & Dawanda

I have been trying out two different online selling platforms recently.


First up is Dawanda, which is a predominately Germany based site. It has platforms in a variety of languages, with the English platform being currently free to list on.

I have currently had two sales through there. Which considering I only had one sale through Folksy even when I had items listed in the “busy” Christmas buying season, is an improvement. I haven’t as yet fully capitalised on using the Dawanda site, I will need to translate my listings in to German and pay to list on the German platform to give myself the best chance of selling on Dawanda. So I am planning on translating my listings, and seeing what difference that makes to my sales on there.


Craftsy is an online place for selling tutorials and patterns. It’s free to list and free to sell on. You do need to have a PayPal account, and obviously pay PayPal fees that are associated with selling, but Craftsy don’t charge anything for selling through their site.

So far I’ve had 5 orders through Craftsy. So this site definitely enables me to reach some of my target market and fits well with me selling my pdf tutorials.

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