A Surprise Package

Yesterday the postman knocked at my door to deliver a package. Now, I hadn’t been expecting one, as I hadn’t brought anything online recently. So obviously curious I opened it up, to find lots of bubble wrap and underneath…

Beads Direct - Beading Games Competition

Beads Direct ran a competition around the theme of the Olympic Games rings, seeing as the Olympics were being held in the UK this summer. Created items had to have at least one of the olympic ring colours in them and there were several different categories: mixed media, wire work, stringing and seed bead. I decided to enter, and entered my Black Spider Web Jasper Sterling Silver Necklace in to the stringing category, which I came in second place. So the surprise package I received was my prize, which included a silver engraved medal.

Black Spider Web Jasper Sterling Silver Necklace

You can find a full list of the winners and runner ups here.

5 Responses to A Surprise Package

  1. Stacy says:

    Well done Victoria xx

  2. Jemma says:

    What a great surprise, well done. You can now say you are on Olympic silver medalist! Apparently in the early days the Olympics the events were not restricted to sports, there was art, sculpture, music events. I think we should get these events back!

    • Thank you Jemma. I believe it’s typical for the host nation to run cultural festivals and events when they’re holding the olympics, but that’s more of a side thing rather than as part of the Olympics event per se.

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