Purple Wyvern Jewels On The High Street!

As of last Saturday, Purple Wyvern Jewels can be found on the high street. A selection of my jewellery and bookmark items can be found in the Community Pop Up Shop located in the High Chelmer Shopping Centre in Chelmsford, UK.

The Community Pop Up Shop, makes use of an empty retail shop whilst raising money for charity and giving local artists and crafts people an opportunity to show off their items to a wider audience. The Community Pop Up Shop was originally open back in March, and had expected to be only open for two weeks due to lease reasons, but ended up running for eight weeks, before having to close. It’s now back again in a slightly different location within the High Chelmer Shopping Centre and this time I’ve taken the opportunity to showcase some of my creations there. (I don’t have any photos of the shop to share, as I forgot to take my camera with me, so will hopefully add a picture or two when I next pop by the shop.)

Included amongst my jewellery items, are some children’s bracelets that aren’t currently available elsewhere. My little boy, has been asking for some time now for me to make some jewellery for him, which I finally got around to a little while ago. The elastic bracelet I made for him, is made from plastic beads in white, with teal and a splash of orange and yellow being in sparkly glittery colours. Here’s my little boy even being a willing model for me:

Elastic Triple Strand Bracelet
Elastic Triple Strand Bracelet

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