Tuesday Treasury – Bursting With Flavours

I’ve been having some fun with making treasuries this week, so much so, I’ve got several to show you. There’s a bit of a flavour thing going on, with raspberries, lemons, limes and mint. The last treasury, featuring the raspberry colour theme, was inspired and based around craftsbybeck’s handmade item of a Crochet Scarf.

‘Minty Fresh’ by purplewyvernjewels
Minty Fresh

‘Red Beauty’ by purplewyvernjewels
Red Beauty

‘Lemon & Lime’ by purplewyvernjewels
Lemon & Lime

‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles’ by purplewyvernjewels
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

‘Feel Fabulous With Raspberry’ by purplewyvernjewels
Feel Fabulous With Raspberry


2 Responses to Tuesday Treasury – Bursting With Flavours

  1. Really pretty treasuries. Thanks for sharing. It is inspiring me to do some more 😉

    • Thank you. There are just so many gorgeous things on Etsy, it’s hard not to make treasuries with them. The harder bit I find, is trying to pick a theme for a treasury.

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