First Selling Event

I have an opportunity to sell my handmade jewellery at a local “Pamper Party” event on Saturday 28th April. It’s being billed as a chance to relax and sample beauty products and receive treatments, along with various stalls including gifts for the whole family, beauty, jewellery, accessories and fragrance.

I’m really excited about this opportunity to sell my jewellery, plus if I’m honest, a tad nervous, as it’s my first selling event (other than selling online of course). So currently, I’m busily preparing for the event, which is now less than two weeks away. So I won’t be posting any new items for sale in my shop until after the event. I’m trying to make up as many more items between now and then as possible, so that I have as wide a selection of items as possible to offer for sale. I’m also thinking about how to set up my stall (table), to show off my jewellery creations to be visually appealing as possible to people. I am planning on taking pictures of my stall just before the event starts, so will be posting pictures and update about the event at the end of April.

Event Poster with all the details:


5 Responses to First Selling Event

  1. Anonymous says:

    OOh good luck and have a great time 🙂 (Orlith)

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