I thought I would forgo the obligatory welcome post that seems to go with most new blogs and just dive straight in instead.

Purple Wyvern Jewels is at the present time under construction. I’m currently creating jewellery items that will be put in my Purple Wyvern Jewels Etsy shop. At the moment the shop is empty of items, but I hope by the end of next month that Purple Wyvern Jewels will be officially up and running, and that I will have a decent selection of items for sale.

Ever since I joined Etsy and have been reading in the forums for information that will help with setting up my Etsy shop, I kept hearing about people creating Treasuries. Treasuries (for the uninitiated) are lists of up to 16 items that are listed for sale anywhere on Etsy, and can be used for promotional purposes either of other people’s creations that you like or even your own. I decided to have a go at creating a treasury list to see what it was all about. This is the result:

‘Purples from the UK’ by purplewyvernjewels

Amethyst Spiral Circle …


Purple and Lilac Lavend…


Wedding Cake Topper – L…


Long Felted Scarf purpl…


2 TWO NEW Ginkgo ( Pair…


Purple with Pink Flower…


Purple berry Lara satin…


Purple Rose Bracelet


The Nature collection. …


Personalised Purple 3D …


Purple Satin Tulip Chok…


Purple Flower Earrings …


Lava Stone Necklace Pur…


Billfold leather wallet…


purple sunset 20 x 24&q…


Set of 4 quilted purple…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

I decided to create a selection of items that all contained the colour purple (seeing as it’s my favourite colour) and that were created by other sellers from the UK. I specifically chose to look only at UK sellers, as Etsy is predominately US-based. I also decided to choose items that also weren’t either in any, or only in a couple of treasuries, in order that I wasn’t just rehashing items that had been seen in lots of other treasuries.

I think I will try to make a treasury post a regular part of this blog. It’s nice to look at the beautiful work of others, and be inspired by them.


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